Sunday, March 21, 2010

Go to Meeting Bag

I was attending my monthly quilting class and this display bag just kept calling to me, you know, just as that last forlorn piece of chocolate cake keeps me...well it was saying take me home.  I resisted its' siren call for most of the day, until the last hour of class and I broke down, parted with my plastic and bought the pattern and material. With the weekend weather again snowy I retreated to the quilt room to finish that bag.

The finished bag!!!:)
I christened it my Go To Meeting Bag and I just love it.
The inside has pockets to hold pens, cell phone, ruler, rotary cutter or anything you would need in a meeting.
I covered a piece of plastic needlepoint canvas with fabric to give it a stiff bottom.
All that is needed now, is a meeting to attend.

Take care!


Snap said...

Well done!

Mary Lou Rutledge said...

I was just in a quilting shop and brought home a pattern for a book cover as I have been wanting to make something pieced. I used to quilt and now it seems to be calling to me again...
Love the bag.

Cynthia L. said...

Wow, I love the bag - I can see why it called to you. I think the colors are beautiful and I love the batik also. You did a wonderful job. I look forward to coming back and seeing what else you have created!

GrandmaK said...

Really beautiful!!! I love the color/shades!!! Well done! Cathy

ksdoolittle said...

I just love it! It's a beautiful bag. Well done. ~ks