Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tracking Hummingbird Migration

This shot was taken from my kitchen window last spring, the hummingbirds had just arrived in my area.

He is a bit out of focus as it was taken through the glass. Every year at the end of March I start tracking the migration of the hummingbirds at  On this site there are two maps, one of the United States and one of Canada, where watchers will post their first sitings.  It is fun to watch the progress of the dots as the hummingbirds migrate north.  So hopefully the end of April or early May I will be adding my post to the map.  Have a great day!


rojospa said...

Great picture. I love hummingbirds! I have tried and tried to attract them to my yard but, Sparky keeps chasing them away! Naughty dog! When I first saw a hummingbird, many years ago, I told my mother to come quick there was a giant "bee" outside! Not a very bright child:)

Anthony said...

That is a nice picture. Do you use feeders to attract the hummingbirds to your window? I found those Perky-Pet Top Fill feeders while searching online. Have you tried them yet? They look like the easiest to fill and keep clean.