Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mariner's Compass Quilt Dilemma Solved

Back in May I posted asking for some advice of what type of fabric to use to set the circles on my Mariner's Compass Wall Hanging. I took all your suggestions into consideration and here it is finished but not quilted, thank you everyone, I think it looks gorgeous.

I had hoped to start quilting it this month, but I have been invited to a Baby Shower and of course a new baby needs a quilt to sleep under. But once the baby quilt is finished I am going to use my new toy.

I have always wanted a sewing machine just for quilting and as you can see my new machine is larger than my Janome Quilters Campanion 6260. I have been sewing everything on that poor machine, a queen size quilt rolled up and put thru that small throat opening is not a pretty sight.
The new machine has only one stitch, straight, but has a knee lift which allows you to keep both hands on the quilt while doing free motion quilting plus a thread cutter. So I will use the Brother for quilting and all other work will still be done on my faithful old friend.
 I will show you the Baby Quilt before I go to the shower.
I hope you have a wonderful day!


Pondside said...

I'm still using my 1980 Singer - it's made more curtains, bags, cushion covers and Christmas decorations than I care to remember. I'd love to buy a new machine but, in truth, I need to be a better seamstress/quilter to warrant such a treat....but then will I get better by sticking with the old machine? hmmmmmm....
I look forward to seeing the baby quilt - your nearly-finished quilt is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer, Your Compass Quilt is truly remarkable - a mathematical feat, it seems to me, and I should have no idea where to begin! Truly wonderful - you should feel enormously pleased and satisfied.

As for your new all singing and dancing machine. Enjoy it, as I know that you will.

Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful compass quilt. Don't forget to show us the baby quilt you are making. Lucky baby.

Sheila said...

Your new machine will be wonderful for quilting from the sounds of it but could you show us a picture of it with your quilt being stitched. I don't understand how a knee lift works...Thanks - Sheila

Shevvy said...

Agree with you, I think it looks wonderful. You must be so pleased with how it turned out, and with your new toy. Enjoy it.

Piecefulafternoon said...

The MC is gorgeous.

I've not given machine quilting a try - and probably won't - but I sure do admire those that do it. Enjoy the bigger machine, I'm sure it makes a difference.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Your work is always spectacular Jen. Another winner. Hope you have fun with your new toy.

quiltmom said...

Your new Brother is just like my Babylock Quilting machine- I love it - it is so much easier to quilt a big quilt with it. I can relate with trying to wrestle with a large quilt in that small space.
Enjoy your new machine.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful quilt! A baby quilt will be a fun project-lucky baby.


Bella said...

Hi... Your quilt is lovely! A Baby quilt sounds like a fun project:-) The baby will be so lucky to recieve a handmade quilt :-)
You are so lucky to have tatted pillowcases, and made by a loved one.. twice the treasure:-) I tried tatting once... I am way too tense!!
The pillowcases today were nothing too fancy and went in the washing machine. The better pretties just get a hand wash and soak in dilute detergent, squeezing and not wringing to wash, and hung on a little folding rack to dry. Note of caution though... I was using a wooden folded drying rack, and the wood left stains on all the pretties, so I just bought a new enamel coated one.
Sorry for the long yap:-)

Flower said...

Beautiful quilt! And your new machine looks rather exciting, too!
This is my first visit to your blog and I'll be back! Have a nice weekend sewing!

Kate said...

I'd have another baby - if you'd make me a quilt. Just kidding. You're so talented. That mariners compass is just gorgeous.

Rettabug said...

Jen, your Mariner's Compass quilt top is flat-out Gorgeous!! That is one pattern I've not tried making yet. I do love to see it!!

Have you seen the new Janome 7700? It has 11" of throat space & lots of other features partial to quilters. I hear it is less than $3000. I think I'll wait a year or two, till they get the bugs out & then fall in love with one.

I'm doing free motion quilting on a little birdie applique wallhanging today as soon as I hit post.
Loved seeing your work!


Genie Robinson said...

Jennifer....I have two a quilting machine and the other an embroidery one. Which machine model is this....I LOVE IT! To have all that space would be a gift from heaven. It looks like you and I both love our photography and quilting. T’is a small world.


Icy BC said...

Love the quilt design! Just beautiful..