Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy! Busy!

I work part-time as a pattern tester for Border Creek Station Pattern Company, the designer Sherri, broke her knee a few weeks ago and everything is a bit behind schedule. Imagine being in a leg cast for 3 months. I have been working on the new mystery quilt and cannot show you to much as it is a mystery.
Drop by her website to learn how you can join the fun. Her designs are fabulous.

For this quilt I was able to decide on what fabric to use because when it is finished I get to keep it.
My selection is bright and cheery.

When I was not busy in the quilt room I was in the kitchen,
the tomatoes have been ripening in a steady stream.
 I wait until I have enough to can a few jars at once and this week has been a marathon.

In the pot.

In the jar.

Next group ripening on the counter. 
I do not mind, they taste wonderful in February.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer, Your work sounds so very interesting and I am now not at all surprised at what you do for I felt that, with your undoubted talent and creativity, it was unlikely that you would be sitting at home darning socks [about my level of sewing].

And of course you are not. You are also bottling tomatoes which look absolutely delicious and of which I could never have too many. or too much!!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Mmmm, those bottled tomatoes look wonderful! Great photos, Jen! Have a beautiful weekend.


Crafty Gardener said...

You have certainly been busy with quilting and preserving. Looking forward to seeing your mystery quilt, what a fabulous job to have.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - looks like a fabulous week - those tomatoes are gorgeous. Ours just didn't get enough sunshine this year and so if I am to can any I will have to buy from the farm stands. I need to make pickle relish for sure this year.

Rose said...

Those tomatoes look wonderful! I spent much of yesterday making a big batch of spaghetti sauce for the freezer--I still have some juice left from last year in the freezer. My whole house still smells like garlic:) I wish, though, there was some way to preserve the taste of fresh tomatoes--wouldn't that be a wonderful treat in January?

Pondside said...

I love the colours you've chosen - those colours, like the tomatoes you're canning, will be a treat in February!
I'm having a 'busy' break, in Kingston, with my son and his little family. It seems that I've brought the cool weather here with me!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Wow! Looks delicious!
I am suddenly feeling very hungry!
Have a wonderful afternoon!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I really like the colours in the quilt. It does look cheery. Our tomatoes have been going straight to the tummy. I won't have any come winter. Oh Dear.

DoanLegacy said...

What a great way to utilize your fresh vegetables!