Friday, March 18, 2011

'Rhythms' The Flower and Garden Festival - Canada Blooms

Hi Everyone,  Today I am taking you on a tour through two gardens at Canada Blooms.
2011 marks the 15th Anniversary of Canada Blooms and at the same the show co-celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Canada's Juno Awards. With this co-celebartion it seemed appropriate that this year the theme should be called Rhythms.

Some interesting facts of what is required to put the gardens together for the show. This year 800 tons of sand, 420 cubic yards of mulch and 30 tractor trailers loads of stone and concrete products were required to put the gardens together. There were about one quarter of a million plants (including bulbs), valued at over $100,000.00 at wholesale prices, plus an additional 10,000 plants from builders. 

This garden is called "A Symphony of Delight', presented by Elite Environments Ltd. The key message: Music, instruments and flowers are brought together to create a perfectly orchestrated garden. Have you ever envisioned having a grand piano in your backyard?  Well, here is one innovative way to do it.  The highlight of this garden is an exotic grand piano-pond, featuring a hand cut stone keyboard, a moss covered perimeter and a babbling granite rock, all in a very sophisticated woodland setting.

The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences partnered with Canada Blooms to present five gardens in celebration of the Juno Awards' 40th Anniversary and 'Rhythms'. The selected Juno Awards nominees and winners collaborated with garden builders from Canada Blooms to create beautiful personalized gardens reflecting each artist's particular style and genre.  Oscar Peterson has been nominated for 7 Juno Awards and has won once; he was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1978.  With the help of Kelly Peterson (Oscar's wife) and Lindsay Peterson (his daughter-in-law) Denis Flanagan, Landscape Ontario and City of Toronto a garden was created to capture the feel of Oscar's music studio in Mississauga, Ontario. The family's garden was often an inspiration for Oscar's passion for photography and for his wonderful music.

There is also a Garden Hall where floral designers display their talents.
 This one was perfect of this years theme, Rhythms.

I hope enjoyed the short tour through some of the gardens
and have a fantastic weekend.


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a wonderful tour - makes spring seem so much closer.

Sarah Knight said...

Beautiful post : )

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Did my heart good to view this post. Thank you.

Bernie said...

It's always interesting to hear about what goes on in other parts of the gardening world ... and to hear about people I previously knew nothing about.

The creativity of people is amazing ... who would have thought of having a grand piano in their garden? I just loved the instrument vase in that last shot ... and those gorgeous flowers in the arrangement!

Scrappy Grams said...

fantastic and unique displays!

Suzy said...

Wonderful theme! I love going to garden shows. Our garden show in Seattle has a musical theme next year. I'm looking forward to it!

Bella said...

Hi Jen,
I love going to garden shows, but missed ours this year. It looks like a wonderful day!! love the keyboard walkway? and flowers in a tuba so cute, maybe something to mimic on a smaller scale:-)

Elli Davis said...

A great tour Jen. Reminds me of scenes from August Rush, combination of gardens and music is a great idea. I love the idea of playing my piano and enjoying the wonderfull environment of my garden.