Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photo Art Friday - Abstract

Bonnie's challenge this week was to create a piece of abstract photo art using these components:
- pdpa Dropped Petals texture/background 
- and/or another pdpa texture, 
 - one or two images 
- use these components to make an abstract piece of art

I have a hard time moving into the realm of abstract
as I tend to be
a bit of a traditionalists.
Background - pdpa 'Fill Me Up' Texture
2 of my photos merged onto the texture
added a layer mask to each photo to brush off the edges
Texture pdpa 'Drop Petal' was added 
then added my watermark
 flattened all the layers then increased the size under image/canvas size
changed the colour to grey and added the darker grey outline.

After trying many different pictures I settled on the above 
but I played around using only one image
and I am hanging this one as well.
First took an image of a Cosmos 
Added Watercolour filter
copied layer, added Pencil drawing filter
copied layer again, added Poster edge filter
flattened the layers
 pdpa 'Drop Petal' texture was added as a background
layer mask added to brush away around the flower
added the image again, a layer mask added to brush away around the flower
pdpa 'Drop Petal' texture was added again with opacity decreased to 85%
adjustment layer added so a colour filter could be added, magenta
watermark added and all layers flattened
increased the size in edit/canvas size
changed colour to grey and added the grey outline.

Linking with Pixel Dust Photo Art

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!


Linda Kittmer said...

I love the first one! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Each photo is beautiful in their own right. The first is so vintage and serene (I LOVE the whole composition) and the second is crisper and more 'detailed'.
Great job on each! This was a fun challenge and our photos are SO different!

Anonymous said...

I like both, but the first one is so dreamy! Again a much softer variant than what my preconceived ideas for some reason insists on associating with the 'abstract' concept... wonderful!

lorik said...

I like the atmospheric quality of the first and the composition of the second. The colours in both are great too. Interesting to read about your processes too.

Kim Stevens said...

Great job on both of them, and I would hang that second one on my wall too!

SueAnn Lommler said...

What the combinations of the first photo. Colorful and textural and still keeping the original theme! Love it

NatureFootstep said...

very nice work. I really like the first one. Myself I am can´t really see this things. I know how too... but lacks the fantasy.

It is abstract, why not join my meme as well?

The Artful Diva said...

wonderful combo!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are nice. I like the first more, maybe it is the colours.

Jann Olson said...

Wow, very unique. Both beautiful, but I love the first one!

Stephanie said...

You did a loely job on these pieces. The first one is so softly blended and the colors are lovely. I had a hard time with the abstract portion of this challenge and couldn't quite get it.

PlantWerkZ said...

Not only first one but also second one so nice.

Currie Silver said...

Each one has elements of abstraction seen in different ways. That is what is such fun about this process.

I especially love the first one's depth and how it pulls me in and dares me to tell myself its story.

In the second I love the delicacy of the space BEtween the petals.

I am so glad you could share your process in each. I still find that difficult [unless I use PSE8] BEcause it is such an adventure to try things out in Picasa and Pixlr. If I stop to keep track I sort of lose my balance [precarious as it is!!]


Ida said...

Abstract is a very hard challenge for me as well.

I think you did a fabulous job with these. The first one is so lovely. You could get lost in the nostalgic feel of this piece.

The 2nd one really showcases the single flower beautifully. I like them both for different reasons.

smiles, Sharon said...

I think that many of us find the work of abstraction a bit of a challenge...but you have it down! You did it beautifully. Your first image is wonderful...the gate reminds me of one I knew in a little village I lived in along the brought back memories.
It is really very interesting to see the different imagines. smiles: sharon

Anonymous said...

The first one is colorful and soft and I love all the images that you chosen.. and last project is simple with one flower and I love flowers - so it's hard to know with one is a keeper I like them both.. thanks for sharing how you did both projects..

Prairie Jill said...

Great abstracts! I really love the first one.

Annemor said...

I prefer the uppermost, but the other one was beautiful too.
Have a nice day.

Karen Harvey Cox said...

This is so lovely. I always enjoy seeing your work. Thank you for the recipe. And thank you for the link to Photo Art Friday. I love creating art with my photography.


Sherri B. said...

Wonderful processing on both...but the second one is especially lovely! I like how the flower shape stands out and pops against the background. Thank you for sharing!

Lisa Gordon said...

Both of these are wonderful, Jen, and the first one is my favorite. I love the fact that there is a lot to see in it, and yet it is not too busy. Really a beautiful edit.

Happy Sunday to you!

ormbunke said...

Lovely and creativt. Ha de gott.