Thursday, March 21, 2013


The calendar said Spring arrived yesterday, 
but the garden is still sleeping and dreaming of warm sunny days to come. 
Where it can stretch and spread its loveliness around for all to enjoy. 
So, I am still having to photograph flower blooms indoors. 
This salmon pink geranium is putting on a display in the basement window, 
just waiting for warmer weather before finding a home in the garden.

Mary's, Little Red House, inspirational word for this week is 'round'.
The beautiful round geranium flower and its' reflection.
To view more inspiration visit here

I would like to thank everyone for their encouraging comments while I was feeling ill.
I am now on round two of antibiotics for this stubborn sinus infection, I believe these ones
are working as today I feel much better.

Take care and have a wonderful day!!!

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