Thursday, January 2, 2014

Photo Art Friday

The old year has drawn to an end and the new one has arrived. 
A clean slate waiting to be filled with many new adventures.
Beside all the New Years resolutions we make, some choose a
word to guide them through. My word for last year was
How I struggled with it.
I could not set them…for my kids…for my volunteer work…
for my down time. Which put me back into the same tail spin of
resisting all life was throwing my way.
So this year I am not picking one word but a phrase…
'Embrace All'
Embrace all life is going to throw my way, I am just going show up and
follow the instructions. So simple and so powerful.
Why does it take to so long to get this sometimes…'sigh'.

 Photo Art Friday's challenge was to show case our yearly word in a piece of art and
hang it in the gallery. Well keeping with my phrase 'Embrace All' I made
a collage containing art pieces from last year.

Joining Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art

Wishing you a Healthy and Safe New Year!!

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