Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cry of the Wolf

Stalker of death, you have lost your way, and I raise
my lips heaven ward, my voice singing loud and clear,
setting free a song flowing in moonlight, echoing afar.

I cry for you who have forgotten...and fear
remembering...your own wild beauty, blinded by
wanton bloodlust, killing what is most precious to you.

You have forgotten your greatest joy, born of all that is this I have lived for you
in all of my being, so that wild beauty may not die and
cease to be alive in our world.

Will you remember too late, when the forests are
deathly silent, when none remain to dance in the
moonlight and frolic in virgin snow, when what was
once wild with joy is dead...cold...gone forever?

I set free my mournful cry into the night sky, knowing
you will remember the wisdom now numbed with
hatred, in a place where your buried soul weeps for
shame with tears that will not cease, once it is too late.

Oh mankind, hear my voice, my cry, for it may vanish
forever, yet my song shall not be silenced, and my
tears...moon-bathed jewels...treasures will remain.

~ Francene Stonebraker~

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Lisa Gordon said...

What a perfect photograph you have chosen for these words, Jen.
Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend.